When Slavery Ended for African Americans

Slavery was a black spot on history, both literally and figuratively, African American people not standing a chance, being condemned to a life in prison – the prison of being someone’s slave. Slavery officially ended in 1865 in the US, but even though that was a huge step, African American people where still discriminated and still lived a hard life. Even today, the war against racism isn’t over, but it has gotten much better since those days. Today’s America is filled with shopping malls and is booming cause of all the hard work of people from all races. You see a lot of online stores thriving because the foundation for a great country was laid ages ago.

So when did the slavery end? Officially it’s over, but some people can’t let that go, some people still think less of the African Americans. So, is the slavery over, or still the black people are prisoners in their own bodies because of some people who were taught to be racists? I said taught because people don’t hate for no reason, people are made to hate and it is a shame to see what goes through a person’s mind when they do racists acts, and still think of black people as slaves for their purposes.

Although the slavery ended, and there is a war going against racism there is still a change needed to be made in order for a better life. A change in mentality: a man is not defined buy the colour if his skin, buy the color of his flag or by the god he worships. A man is defined, by his thoughts and by his actions. When humanity in its all reaches this conclusion we can say that the war against racism and slavery it is finally over, but until then the better half of mankind must work and work. President Lincoln was one of the first who did this, when he freed the slaves back in 1865.

Slavery ended in 1865 in the US but it still goes on in different forms. We may not use slaves in our houses or in our fields but there are still people working their bones of for a crappy salary, day after day after day. Is that free life? Bind to a job which you do not enjoy and which you would give up but you can’t. Does that not sound familiar? Does that not sound like slavery? Not everyone gets a change at a good education and a good chance in life, but does that mean they should live in that manner? So this puts the question in mind: when did slavery end? Or has it really ended?

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