Some little-known contributions of African American

The African American history that is also known as Black history is rolled up mostly in February. What we only recall is some of the biggest achievements. We should also remember the contribution of other heroes who have worked so hard to make us proud. Let us discuss today about some of the events that are related to this history, but somehow we have given less importance to them in our history or they have remained unnoticed to us.

Inventor of Dry Cleaning

We all know Thomas L. Jennings because of his invention of the dry cleaning process. However, let me tell you one more thing about him. He was the first African American as well who was living in New York as a free man. He was also a great leader.

Serious Presidential Candidate

Let us introduce you to one of the world’s bravest women and at the same time, a great leader of first black major-party, Shirly Chisholm. She was the first candidate of this party and also the first woman to be elected. Not to mention, she was quite lucky as she survived three attacks when she was busy campaigning in 1972 as a candidate.

Astronaut and Trailblazer

The first astronaut was also an African American who was given training in 1967.It was his bad luck that he couldn’t complete his first mission in space. His death was an accident due to a plane crash and it was Guion Bluford, who was sent on this mission later.

The Holder of 61 Patents

We all know Fredric Jones because of his great invention. He is the inventor of the ticket dispensing machine. This was a great invention for the industry of transport. It was also a big contribution to the entertainment field. The holder of 61 patents is an African American.

Ended Segregation in the Army

Not only in the field of technology and communication, they have contributed to the society, most importantly in the army, by increasing the intimacy. Yes, we are talking about Joe Luis. He was a boxing champion of heavy weight, but apart from that, he was the one to end the segregation in the Army by raising a fund of about $47000 during the world war II. He has served the nation until his last breath.

The First Chicago Resident

Most of you are not aware of the fact that the first Chicago resident was a black man called Jean Baptiste. He was a permanent resident of this city who was settled here earlier and now to honor him and keep him in the related to our history, there is a park, school, museum and other things after his name.

The history of glory and pride should not be remembered only in the month of February. So many heroes who have served the nation at the cost of their own life should be placed in the African American history to make them memorable forever. After all, their contribution makes us realize what it feels to be an American.

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