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 The King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation manages the Beach Institute 
African American Culture Center, the King-Tisdell Cottage and the
Negro Heritage Trail Tour: An African American Journey.

Mission Statement:
To research, collect, interpret and present African American history and culture through exhibits, art, films, lectures, oral history, tours and publications. The Foundation endeavors to promote and disseminate information concerning this history and to celebrate the contributions of African Americans, especially in Georgia and the Sea Islands of South Carolina. The Foundation seeks to foster continued interracial understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Board of Directors

Dr. Annette K. Brock, Chair
Dr. Evelyn B. Dandy, Vice Chair

Dr. Sigmund Hudson, Secretary
Edward B. Jolley, Jr. Treasurer   

E. Bruce Adams                 

Juanita J. Adams                   

Clara   Aguero                     

Murray K. Barnard                      

Dr. Janice G. Bass

Charles W. Bell
Dr. Rebecca R. Cooper           

Dr. Evelyn B. Dandy
Dr. Kevin C. Dickinson       

Jessie Collier Deloach
Alice P. Eisner
Fred D. Foster
Dr. Bobby W. Jones
Elaine Jones-Connor


Betty Lasseter
Pete Liakakis
Dr. Carolyn P. Mayes      

Kathleen McCollister
Paul A. Sheppard
Swannie M. Richards
Joseph J. Steffen, Jr.
Paul L. Taylor, Sr.           

Doreatha S. Tyson