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When Slavery Ended for African Americans

Slavery was a black spot on history, both literally and figuratively, African American people not standing a chance, being condemned to a life in prison – the prison of being someone’s slave. Slavery officially ended in 1865 in the US, but even though that was a huge step, African American people where still discriminated and still lived a hard life. Even today, the war against racism isn’t over, but it has gotten much better since those days. Today’s America is filled with shopping malls and is booming cause of all the hard work of people from all races. You see a lot of online stores thriving because the foundation for a great country was laid ages ago.

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American History

A brief look at a great visionary whom back in the day immigrated to America and would shape its history. The African American history during this time is quite unique also. Elihu died of his wounds a few days later, but Ellis was sent to the infamous Andersonville Prison where he survived 4 months and would have been present when the picture shown below was taken before being part of a prisoner exchange in the fall of 1864. Suffering from scurvy and so thin “he could push on his stomach and touch his backbone”.

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African American Week

African American history is very rich. February is an important month as it celebrates the community on the whole. African American history month was previously known in 1950 as the Negro week history. This was back in the days of Carter G Woodson. The history is quite substantial that dedicated clubs sprang up, teachers demanded tailored materials etc. Even progressive white folks endorsed the efforts in the 50s to promote equality. As America continues to struggle today with some racial violence spurts, this month has become extremely important.

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Some little-known contributions of African American

The African American history that is also known as Black history is rolled up mostly in February. What we only recall is some of the biggest achievements. We should also remember the contribution of other heroes who have worked so hard to make us proud. Let us discuss today about some of the events that are related to this history, but somehow we have given less importance to them in our history or they have remained unnoticed to us.

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