African American Week

African American history is very rich. February is an important month as it celebrates the community on the whole. African American history month was previously known in 1950 as the Negro week history. This was back in the days of Carter G Woodson. The history is quite substantial that dedicated clubs sprang up, teachers demanded tailored materials etc. Even progressive white folks endorsed the efforts in the 50s to promote equality. As America continues to struggle today with some racial violence spurts, this month has become extremely important.

Civil right movements strengthened in the 1960s a lot as they began to seize the opportunity and realize its importance. This affected both the communities own perception of itself as well as how outsiders perceived the community. Gerald Ford, the president in the 70s took the opportunity to honour neglected black Americans for their everyday efforts to improve the country. The history is keenly studied till date. The association for the study of Negro Life and History was the one that founded the week back in 1925. It had now significantly grown in importance, as a reminder of how much progress there is still to be made.

The 50th year of the celebration was marked in 1975. This even was hosted by the same association that created it a long time ago. The need to educate and study the black community grew even further. During the civil war, the community had suffered a lot. Back in the 80s when the slaver community was large especially at the south. Today’s celebrations mark a stark contrast to that thought and is a reflection of how far society has progressed.

Check out for more information and read about the community’s rich heritage and sacrifices over decades. You can get audio books and collections at the site to further your knowledge too. If you are looking for a research topic at university, then studying this community might pay you amazing dividends. Shape the way the future thinks through learning.

A compilation from the southern civil rights movement can also be found. You can even hear from people who struggled during the 50s and 60s to make America better and move on from the slavery era. Everything from martin Luther king can be found at the national African American history parks all over America as well.

Veteran’s history of those who fought against an enemy and even within the community can be found. Conditions where the community’s members were forced to fight against outside influence as well as the divisive forces within would have taken a massive toll on any human being. The website we mentioned is a treasure trove of information for people looking to learn and teachers looking for assignment topics. Change can only occur from within, so it’s important that the future generations are thoroughly informed about the state of the country before it achieved its true greatness. A world power today has had more than its share of flaws back in the day and embracing the past is better than hiding it.

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